Equipping and empowering the church for Holistic Transformation

Goye Africa (GYA) is a faith based mission and development agency founded and registrered in Burundi 2013,Our mandate is to equip and empower the church in Africa for effective and relevant proclamation and demonstration of wholesome Gospel of Christ.

We are Goye Africa

Goye Africa serves to build the leadership capacity of local churches and grassroots community organizations; enabling them to efficiently carry out their Spiritual, Social and Economic activities in a more creative, responsible and sustainable approach within the church and community as they fulfill their role as change agents.

Our Projects

Biblical entrepreneurship, Church planting and Training Leaders

Go YE Africa works to equip and empower local Churches and grassroots community organizations; enabling them to more effectively carry out spiritual, Social and Economic activities in the church and community.

Children outreach and development

GO YE Africa serves local churches and community-based child development organizations as we seek to increase the capacity of children ministers; enabling them to become more child-relevant, increase their understanding on child psychology, provide practical teaching and training skills on child growth & development. We provide teaching and resources to spiritual, social and intellectual challenges facing the children in the community. Our focus is to strengthen family and community support structures that would in turn initiate and support sustainable interventions that positively impact on holistic child growth and development.

RL Ministries

Trauma is an event, it is a « cause » that results in affliction. Trauma (the event) is found in many things. Such things as untimely tragedy, mishap or situation (attacks of the enemy) or by some evil thing that is perpetrated by human design or by a violent force of nature, the list is long. whatever the cause(event), it is always intended to bring distraction and torment to the lives of those affected. This « event » affects us on an emotional level. This « event » causes a wounding in our soul. Satan will always come (attack) us through our soul. « Trauma » is the « Strongman » that most of the church has not recognized or understood. More people are help « captive » by this « strongman » than anything else.

Rays of Light program

Rays of Light is support group curriculum published by Growing Through to help secondary school students who have experienced loss though death, divorce, or relationship breakdown.

Rays club includes both large and small group work. Various approaches are used to help young people come to terms with sorrow and suffering. These include drama, music and art therapy, in addition to games such as « Anger Bingo. » Over the weeks, we look at various Psalms from the Bible that illustrate intense emotion – Like, what is the psalmist trying to express when he says he feels like a « cracked pot » or a « broken down fence? »


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